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The all-in-one platform to manage your buildings

An efficient, simple, AI-powered solution designed to
all teams working on buildings

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Plan, supervise and manage
with unrivaled efficiency

Reduce the time of your interventions

  • Plan your preventive maintenance

  • Analyze your teams’ interventions

  • Manage your suppliers’ schedule

  • Anticipate stock shortages

Manage your regulatory obligations in teams

  • Anticipate security commissions

  • Automate the monitoring of your health record

  • Implement CSR policies

Accelerate the progress of your projects

  • Manage non-compliance with your service providers

  • Edit your own audits and reports

  • Access all technical documentation

Reduce your operating costs

  • Streamline your operating costs

  • Anticipate your works & maintenance budgets

  • Identify overconsumption items

Why choose SILAB

Real-time collaboration, automation and Artificial Intelligence propel your building monitoring into a new era. Get the efficiency of a ticketing solution with the simplicity of a web and mobile application

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INTERVENE… 2X faster thanks to AI

Drive the performance of your teams thanks to artificial intelligence. SILAB can automatically identify the location of anomalies, generate action plans and schedules and assist your teams in the technical diagnosis of your equipment.

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Make it easier to monitor your projects

Obtain a unique overview of the progress of your teams and your projects (construction sites, maintenance, etc.)


Create tickets and group together all tasks, equipment, documents, photos, time tracking, etc.

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Anticipate your work and maintenance budgets

Track all your maintenance and work expenses and anticipate the renewal of your equipment to avoid additional costs.

Our AI allows you to identify

Streamline exchanges with your service providers

  • Schedule and automate intervention requests

  • Share intervention documents and reports

  • Analyze the transmitted data and create action plans

Ready to propel
your teams?

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